We produce animated commercials and video marketing

Explainer videos are movies that you use to tell the viewer about something and to market themselves, often it is an animated film but also staged regular film can obviously tell, and bring out a message. What more can you use a video to the company? Some examples can be like a presentation film on its website where it can provide information about you and your products. Video search engine optimization then it is possible to make use of both descriptive text keywords. Who have not familiarized themselves with classic commercials? A good information film or video tutorial is an easy way to simplify the classic paper manual for a modern media. Educational Film has also become popular, and this is just a scratch on the surface of the film's possibilities. Companies that presents itself with an explainer video on website generates 52% more sales over the competition. Today, more and more film when you want to talk about something, why is it so one can wonder? Because the film has the ability to capture our interest and it is quick to bring out their information and disseminate it.

  • Directly – Film is the tool that quickly conveys messages
  • Available – Works now both computer, tv mobile, on social networks, Websites, interest groups and forums.
  • Distribution-Free – The films can be distributed for both PC and mobile and also via Digital Download and DVD
  • Cost-effective – A movie can be shown over and over again for any number without additional production costs than the initial. Compare that to the price of printing material, Requests and postage.

Our film offers you the opportunity to stand out from the masses and market yourself effectively.

We are more information-hungry today than ever before, and even more impatient. Many surfers stops at most half a minute on a website, will you reach them, you have to create an impression that does not take a lot of time. Today it is estimated that approximately 90% of online content consists of film. So do not wait for competitors run past, Making It Happen contact us, tell me about your film idea and we'll produce a film just for you!