Interview of Social Media on why explainer videos have become so important and useful when it comes to marketing!

Capture your audience with a film

Capture your audience with a film

| By Christina Hultman – SOCIALAMEDIER.ME |
Lena Petersson

Lena Petersson

Lena Petersson is a photographer and filmmaker, but she also works as an animator, script printer as voiceover, ie voice actors. In his company LL Media Net, she has specialized in producing short, often cartoons, which is perfect for spreading information or to introduce business online. Because when it comes to social media is a short film a very effective form of communication.

Lena has always liked to draw. Among other things she likes to "Doodly", which is an English expression to draw funny figures and curlicues. This is an interest that she has joy in his job, when she is working to produce short, animated movies.

Besides filmmaker and photographer Lena also trained webmaster and it was during the training, when she read a course in Flash Animation, she had to try to make film. Year 2007 she then began to produce films; primarily advertising- and information movies. Since 2014 She does also animated films, so-called explainervideos, she also writes scripts for.

What is a explainervideo?

- Explainervideos are short videos of about one to one and a half minutes in length about companies and their products or services, and caters to customers. They are often signed but need not be, Lena explains.

Like so much else going explainervideos US, where they began to appear 2013. There are different types of explainervideos says Lena. The main groups are information, instructional- and presentation movies. For example, Lena made an instructional video to social media expert Nina Jansdotter called "Small mingle school", and a movie about the working environment for LSS Assistance.

An example of a presentation film is in turn a film that Lena did the company Then there are also special formats tailored for Instagaram. These films are max 15 seconds long and loops over and over again. They are particularly suitable for advertising messages or invitations.

A quick way to tell

How do you build a screenplay?

- It is best to open with a question or make a statement about something earthy and straightforward as can catch the viewer's interest, says Lena.

As an example, Lena questions such as "Would you like to have more visitors?"Or" Would you like to have longer holidays?”.

Once captured the attention you explain the film's message or purpose. Here one uses, as in many other contexts, basic teaching methods by answering the questions was, why, when and how. It concludes the film with any kind of request, a "call to action". There must be happy with some humor good points, so-called "schtick" of film language, to keep the viewer's interest alive.

What are the main benefits of explainervideos?

- The main advantage is that it is an easy way to tell, and it's quick to get the message, corresponds Lena.

Explainervideos other words, a rapid form of communication. Other advantages are that they are also technically works anywhere and is easy to deploy. Film is also cost-effective in the sense that once they are made, you can show them how many times as you want. Lena also tells of studies have shown that visitors stay a few minutes longer than they do otherwise when added short films on company websites.

Film makes us curious

- The film motion captures our vision and our attention particularly quickly. Just because the film fits very good to use on social media. They stand out in the flow and movement evokes our natural curiosity, says Lena.

What to think of as a client of a movie?

- The most important thing is to have some sort of own idea of ​​what message the film should have. Since it is also good if you know what the main target group is, adds Lena.

How then upload the film depends on whether you are primarily looking to create a mood or a feeling, such as in commercial Lena's wedding shooting, or if it is mainly about presenting facts. But even pure facts need to be eased in order to become more accessible and when humor is an effective tool. By balancing the facts and a serious message with humor can reach, retain and get the viewer to remember the message a little extra good.

It is interesting how a common interest in "phone doodles", signing and Doodly can develop into filmmaking. But it takes understood exactly what Lena has - talent and education. In today's network communication, where images and strong symbols are becoming increasingly important, should therefore not look down on "fun guys". They may well develop into valuable viral brands.