Price list

Small Twittraren

Film Length: 6 seconds.
Perfect as intro movie, opener on the website, Video sms to customers, video mail in your email.
Divisible on most social networks, right length for Twitter,
works splendidly for SEO optimization.
The film can also be looped as an elegant video banner.

Royalty free music included
Voice Over som tillköp

fr. 1295:-


Film Length: Up to 15 seconds.
You can fit a short message, message, slogan or why not as an invitation.
Shorty keeps time to be shared on Instagram. The film works naturally on the site, Facebook and Youtube as well as the intro.

Royalty free music included.
Voice Over som tillköp

Fr. 1595-

Glare Comforter

Film Length: Up to 30 seconds.
Here there is room to inform, presenting enterprise, product or service. Perfect for your advertising message, as a short instructional film or an introduction to the film company. The format is easy for the viewer to remember.

Royalty free music included
Voice Over som tillköp

Fr. 2895-


Film Length: Up to 60 seconds.
Space for presentations and information. Good length when you want a movie that sells the company, put the film on Facebook, Youtube or on the website. Even for the big screen, show movies in your waiting room or on the outdoor advertising.

Royalty free music included
Voice Over som tillköp

Fr. 4999-

Should you require a longer production it goes without saying that organize, we produce according to your request! If you wish to price information, you're welcome to contact us with the estimated production length. Need help figuring at the time the movie need and we'll help you with it.

Are you a web developer, SEO specialist or marketers? Looking for a partner in film production? If so, we want to hear from you.

The hands

Manuscriptet is the film's thread, a good script leads the viewer through action and dialogue. During your consultation, we talk about how you imagined the film and we are developing a manuscript based on your wishes and our experience.

Charged per started working hour

Voice over

A voiceover supports the film's action and give substance to the message of the film.
We offer voice over in the genres commercial, informative, everyday.
Sound is recorded clean and clear, and sync to your movie.

Charged per started working hour


Need specially developed illustrations for your movie?
Illustrator signs according to your instructions so that your film becomes a completely unique concept.
We offer illustration services as an alternative to our regular Illustration Library

Charged per started working hour

complete Paket - Film + The hands + Voice Over

After several inquiries about the film package that includes both script and voiceover so obviously we want to help you with that.

Film + The hands + Voice Over

Up to 30 seconds for. 4895:- | Up to 60 seconds for. 8995:-