1We have compiled a small dictionary where we explain and sorts out some of the concepts that appear in the animation and film production

Animate – to create movements and animate still image. Mobility to animated films can be done in several different ways, partly through cartoon sequence or by stop-motion photography or via computer, called computer animation which is what we mainly do.

The hands – handlingen i filmen. The script is the red thread that engage and lead the viewer advance through the movie. It covers people & characters, handling, scenes and dialogue, a dialogue need not be verbal but can be illustrated by the film's own language.

Explainer video – is a film that explains and tells of a brief and engaging way. T.ex. how a company's services work, what their products are for or why to use them. The films are equally suitable on the web as in the meeting room and the lecture.
Explainer video structure comprises 3 important parts: 1. What – what or who the movie is about 2. Why – why it is important 3. How – how will the viewer to take the next step.

Whiteboard video – whiteboard animation where a hand drawing, writes and erases the white board and let the classic bar guys come to life. To follow the hand movements in the film makes you keep up with both drawing and writing. Whiteboard Video is a unique, engaging and entertaining way to capture interest and hold it with the audience.